These five lots are Lots 6 through 10 of Block 3 of Nigburs Sunnyhill Addition to the City of Wausau, located on the Northwest corner of Augusta Avenue and 13th Street.  These 5 lots are currently platted as each lot being 60.5' wide x 152.67' deep.  The lots are priced at $22,900 each as platted; however, this is a small lot size when looking at other homes and lots in this neighborhood.  We therefore would be willing to re-plat these lots into 4 larger lots, or even three lots so that the quality of construction can match other homes in this area.  We would also consider adjoining lots as double or triple lots within the current plat.

3 Lots, 100.8' x 152.6' (approx.) - $33,900 per Lot

1208 - 1220  Augusta Ave. & 2504 13th St., Wausau-East

$22,900 - $33,900 per Lot

4 Lots, 75.6' x 152.6' (approx.) - $26,900 per Lot

a division of Emmerich Properties Charitable Trust

See below for possible ways we could combine these five lots into larger parcels.  Depending on the number of parcels, lot prices are $2.20 to $2.50 per square foot.  (We are willing to discuss other possible lot re-platting options.)  These lots are in Wausau's eastern hills and therefore the northern face of any future house will have nice views of Rib Mountain. The homes west of these lots are all above median home values.  There are duplexes to the south of these lots.  This subdivision is not far from Horace Mann Middle School. 

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