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A Legacy of Support for Central Wisconsin

Emmerich Properties Charitable Trust was created by Arden J. Emmerich in 2015 as a vision of support for Central Wisconsin.  Through its real estate operations (Emmerich & Associates, Inc. and Emmerich Holdings, LLC), Emmerich Properties Charitable Trust focuses on keeping the economy of Central Wisconsin strong.  We have nearly a dozen employees and countless subcontractors all located in Central Wisconsin.  We strive to purchase from businesses with locations in the Wausau/Mosinee area and favor locally owned-businesses when practical.  50% of the profits of the Trust are donated to the Emmerich Properties Fund of the Community Foundation of North Central Wisconsin.  This fund in-turn donates to worthy charities with a strong local focus.

This website lists land for sale within the Emmerich Holdings, LLC inventory.  Proceeds from the sales of these parcels will be used to invest in rental real estate to help ensure the future strength of the trust and its mission to support Central Wisconsin.


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