131 & 133 Lakeview Drive, City of Schofield


These two lots are located within the City of Schofield. Lakeview Drive has traffic-controlled access to Grand Avenue.  Lot 1 (which is 133 Lakeview) is adjacent to a Wausau city park.

A large water main runs under one of these lots from Wausau to Schofield.  The exact location of this main and the easement for it needs to be determined from the City of Schofield.  Because that utility easement impacts the ability to develop that specific parcel, we are selling both of these lots as a "package deal".

Where else can you find a single-family zoned lot next door to a park that is well over 3/4 acre in size?​

131 Lakeview Drive

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133 Lakeview Drive

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